How to submit a blog post to SPW

Pick a topic

We’re open to publishing a range of blog posts on topics such as self-care, health, wellbeing, free family events, life hacks, mental health services, personal stories and expert advice. Try to hone in on a particular area that you know loads about and this should make it easy for you to write about. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, your personal experience still counts!


Know your audience

Here at Single Parents Wellbeing, we want to help lone parents feel good. Make sure your writing is targeted at them and is sympathetic to their situation. Try to avoid preaching your own point of view, hard-selling a product or giving off a negative attitude. We want all of our readers to leave the website feeling better than when they arrived.


Know your purpose

If you’re selling a product, we don’t want to print your sales copy. If you have something that you think our single parents would genuinely find helpful then explain how it can be used and how it might make their lives easier.

We like sharing personal tales. If you’ve got an inspiring life story or funny anecdote which our parents might relate to then please share! Be as honest as you want and we’ll edit out anything that might be too triggering (or rude) for our website.


Don’t try to be too fancy

We’re not looking for your university dissertation, so keep it fairly informal. If you’re telling a story make sure you have a beginning, middle and an end. We’d rather you kept it short as our parents don’t always have time to read for extended periods of time, so aim to submit between 400-700 words. You should send it as a word document or in the body of an email.


Tell us where to find you

If you would rather remain anonymous make sure you tell us that in the email, otherwise, we’ll use your name. Don’t forget to link to your brand or blog page if appropriate and feel free to include your social media handles so people can find you.


What now?

Get in touch with your idea or finished article and we’ll be in touch!