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Sick Days and Shit Days.

When children are ill it is gross any way, but I realised whilst holding my child’s poo in my hand last night, that when you are a single parent it is extra tough. But mostly I was struck with…

The guilt

I felt so guilty that I had to drag my child out to get medicine and supplies whilst he was so poorly. I felt guilty that his brother had to be picked up by a neighbour from school. I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to give his brother much attention when he got in from school, because I was so tired myself, and having to say, “hang on a minute I’m just cleaning up puke and poo.”

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The Stepmother.

Debbie Murphy writes an honest and open account of her life being a single parent, and also as a survivor of breast cancer. Follow Debbie’s journey over on her blog Adventures of a Single Parent.

The thought of another woman ‘mothering’ my little boy has always filled me with dread and fear. A woman I know absolutely nothing about, a woman playing ‘happy families’ with my son and his father, taking over from me. My son not wanting to come home because he has a ‘mother and a father’ at his dad’s house. I am my son’s mother. He doesn’t need another mother.

But what does it actually mean to be a step parent? Do we automatically think of step-parents in a negative light? Cinderella and the wicked stepmother immediately comes to my mind!

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