Wellbeing Workshops


Wellbeing Workshops are a Big Lottery Funded Project, in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, where we bring single parents together to create a compassionate, empowering and positive approach to how we discuss and tackle mental health. A single parents our mental health and everything surrounding it that we have to deal with on a daily basis affects us.

Are you struggling with your mental health, relationships, your confidence and finding it difficult to know where to begin with it all? Then this proactive, thought provoking, 6 week workshops are for you.

Therefore, we are trying to create a community where we all feel understood, heard and supported.

Lunch is provided, travel expenses and child care costs are also reimbursed.

The only criteria is that you need to be a single parent to attend.

The content includes:

  • Becoming a single parent

  • I'm not good enough (all about confidence)

  • Managing difficult relationships

  • Reacting Positively

  • My mental health (this week is run by a Human Givens Counsellor Claire Guthrie)

  • Me time (shaitsu massage and other nice things)


For more details feel free to email amy@singleparentswellbeing.com or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There is also a Closed Facebook Group where you can meet other single parents and view all of the events that we hold, including rambles.

At SPW we have 6 week wellbeing workshops for single parents. Find out more about them in this video.