Single Parents Wellbeing

Policy and Procedure Checklist

A clear, appropriate and coherent set of policies and procedures help ensure that Single Parents Wellbeing is well run.

Policies and procedures:   

1. Provide a framework that sets out how things should be done and what is expected of people within the organisation.  

2. Transparency and accountability that the directors will be conducting the work of the company appropriately  

3. Ensure the compliance with the legal framework.

4. Limit risk

SPW will create policies that:

  • Are easily understood and written in plain, jargon-free English

  • Have  a definite purpose  

  • Are linked to our values and strategy

  • Are flexible, can adapt to change and will be reviewed regularly

  • Are developed through the involvement of interested stakeholders including employees  

  • Are communicated to all relevant people.

For more information on these policies and procedures please contact