''The first ramble I went to straight away I met some other single parents and the boys had a great time. Being part of the group has been a life-line for me. When you are a single parent – I’ve got lots of friends in couples that have children, but on a weekend they want to be with their families, partners, husbands – so you’re left on your own on a weekend, there’s never anything to do, everything is run in the week – so in that sense SPW has been a life-line”

“It (SPW) ticks so many boxes. The children don’t only see the 2.4 traditional families, they realise there are families like them. It empowers people, once they come along they feel so much better”. 

“There have been times where I’ve not been having a good day or have to do something but don’t have the motivation to do it own my own with the children. One time I was feeling like that and I put a message on the FB page and straight away messages came back ‘we’re doing such and such, come and join us’. It’s a very positive group….no matter what your problem is, no matter what’s going on – rather than being criticised for how you’re thinking or what you are doing – everyone is always positive.” 

“Everybody brought something different to the group – you were allowed to be yourself. It was really helpful for lots of reasons, for example, it was nice to be in a similar situation with others, the course was well structured and in a safe environment. The topics were relevant and we were given tools that focused on our mental health such as dealing with stress or difficult relationships – looking after yourself.”

“After the course I feel able to be myself…. the workshop really helped to love myself.”

“When you are a single parent and you think you can do everything on your own, you still need the support. The workshop helps you to develop…..will help you with day in and day out problems. You will always find something (in the course) that’s beneficial. Every child needs a happy mum.”

“(The course) has helped me to realise I’m great – nothing wrong with me – I might be doing a better job than some couples parents! It has reinforced my confidence in myself, I don’t have to shrink away. I’ve been lost for so long…..but I don’t feel hopeless and depressed now, I just want to try my best moving forward.”

“I have so much more confidence and ‘get up and go’. I feel hungry for life, it’s made me think about the future and given me ‘fire in my belly’. Before, I felt constantly tired – dragging my feet.”