Bite sized thought provoking videos. 


Emotional Regulation

Build on your emotional intelligence by being able to regulate your emotions, recognise when you need to up the self care, and what to do when you feel out of control. Something that we go over in the Single Parents Wellbeing Wellbeing Workshops.

Values, Triggers, Behaviour and Stress

Learn about how our values are at the core to how we react to situations.


Positives and Negatives of Being a Single Parent

We focus on the negatives of being a single parent, but at SPW we want you to embrace and see the positives of being a single parent. Which we go into at the Wellbeing Workshops.

Cycle of Depression

In this video Human Givens Counsellor Claire Guthrie talks about having our needs met and the cycle of depression. Which is a topic discussed on the Wellbeing Workshops.